With AskCody it's gonna be a great day for meetings!

We help companies and organizations book and manage meetings and meeting rooms, welcomes guests, guide them to the right location, takes care of all the meeting logistics, and makes meetings start on time! Not only do we make it easier for companies to organize meetings, reduce interruptions during the meeting, and optimize the utilization of the meeting space. At AskCody we'll be able to, over time, help organizations improve the output and outcome of the meeting too.  With AskCody it's a new and better way to work.


We focus on creating a happier, more convenient, and more productive, modern workplace, while optimizing resources and reducing interruptions - especially when it comes to booking meetings and manage meeting rooms, taking care of guests and visitors, and improve utilization of the modern workplace. Essentially, what we are trying to achieve is to eliminate the nightmarish aspect of day-to-day tasks that zaps productivity and wastes precious time. We fight to win the battle of the meeting room!


The AskCody product suite simplifies meeting scheduling, streamlines conference room and resource booking, visitor management, takes care of daily questions at the front desk, and improves both wayfinding and the overall meeting effectiveness – all aspects of the business that have long been recognized as nightmares, hurdles to productivity and a waste of resources. We help eliminate useless gatherings and make better use of limited office space while helping business owners take smarter decisions to maximize utilization of today's modern workplace.


AskCody's solutions include wayfinding technology designed for complex buildings and campuses as well as resource and meeting room booking, meeting room signage and visitor management tools for all enterprises and SMB's. Our solutions enable great user experiences in flexible, dynamic indoor environments, and make it easy to book available resources like the meeting or conference rooms.


Built in Denmark, Empowering Meetings worldvide.

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