Happy Holidays!

It’s Christmas! Again…

At this time of the year, the night before the night before Christmas, it’s time for reflection. Time to stop, take a minute, and think about the past year that’s almost over. Since the very beginning of AskCody 5 years ago it’s been a tradition for me to take some time to write a Christmas Greeting, so, of course, I will try, to sum up, what’s been going on this year.

When I look back at the year, I always think about “time” as a funny thing… At one hand times fly so fast. You feel like it was just some months ago you kicked off a new year with a great plan to realize and a lot accomplish. On the other hand, it’s amazing how much you can achieve in one year's time. Particularly with a great team and some great people around you. About the last part, I will reflect on that later.


What have we achieved this year?

Well… AskCody is now helping companies empowering meetings, improve meeting room utilization, and to work smarter all over the world. We have customers in China, Singapore, Australia, Middle East, Western Europe, and Across North America. More than 100.000 users from some of the world's biggest (and most famous) companies are now on the AskCody Platform, booking and managing meetings easier and better than ever before. In total, AskCody is involved in over a million meetings per month. That’s a lot!

At the same time, we are helping a lot of people finding their way indoor, too. We have our software managing more meeting rooms than ever before and at the same time mapped more floorplans than we could imagine when the year started.


The difference between success and failure is a great team

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. I have had the honor to work together with the most brilliant minds I know in AskCody since the very beginning. Thankfully this seems to continue. This year, we have had the pleasure to more than double the number of team members and colleagues. When we started the year, 6 stunning individuals and personalities were a part of our team. When we greet each other “Happy New Year” in one weeks time, we’ll be 14 team members at our Offices in Aalborg and Atlanta empowering meetings all over the world.

AskCody Team Building Event in the woods

To be honest, sometimes it has been a challenging process to grow that fast and to welcome so many new people. Especially when in the middle of the summer decided to rebuild our office to make room for us to grow.

New showroom in the making...

Ta daa... Welcome to the new office!

We both added a new meeting room and a new showroom to be able to welcome more guests, partners, and clients. Despite some chaotic months (and that we have pretty much grown out of our new offices yet again), I am though pretty confident that everybody is fully on board, committed and aligned with our mission. 

I’m so proud of being a part of this team and without bragging they are the very best you can get to accomplish our overall missions:

  • To empower every organization to get the most out of people, places, and events, transform processes, optimize the workplace experience and take decisions based on data.


Good Friends make everything more fun!


I’m so proud of being a part of this team and without bragging they are the very best you can get to accomplish our overall missions:

  • To empower every employee to work smarter, enhance work-life productivity, and collaborate with ease. 
  • To empower every organization to get the most out of people, places, and events, transform processes, optimize the workplace experience and take decisions based on data.

Like a wise man once said: “All you need is someone who joins in your geekiness.” Yes, we are a bunch of geeks, and we love when others join us to create great solutions. This year, a lot of new friends have joined us. I’m especially proud of two of the many new friends we have had the chance to work with: Airtame and Screen.Cloud. Their technology rocks your socks off, and they have a kick-ass team. Please go check them out! AskCody’s solutions are running smoothly and seamless with both Airtame and Screen.Cloud. If you haven't seen it yet, please see the video from AskCody in Aalborg where Airtame is powering all screens in our showroom.



Microsoft ISV Partner

In 2016 AskCody was announced as Microsoft ISV Partner and we launched our Add-ins for Outlook on the Microsoft Office Store. This new collaboration with Microsoft took us to Toronto for World Partner Conference, which was a great week with new partners and amazing relations to other ISV’s who were showcased by Microsoft at the conference. A big shout-out to Templafy, eLearningforce and WorkPoint!

2016-07-11 02.46.18.jpg

At this year's World Partner Conference the focus was Digital Transformation and Digital Transformation via the Cloud. In the cover story of "The Record" – The magazine about the best of enterprise technology on the Microsoft Platform – the story of how the Danish bank Nykredit, with its more that 5000 employees and 600 meeting rooms are now booking meeting rooms via the cloud were featured.

It’s a great story about how AskCody can drive digital transformation with Mircosoft and Office 365, and how companies like Nykredit become much more productive with the combination of Office 365 and productivity extensions like AskCody. With that winning combination, employees can search for available meeting rooms and resources across multiple locations and across multiple time zones, that suit the purpose of their meeting, or search for meeting rooms with the right facilities or capabilities. At the same time, the combination of Office 365 and AskCody ensure that the organization gets the most out of their resources, people, and events. Now employees and service providers can manage bookings of additional resources, workflows, items, bookings of corporate kitchens and canteens, and accept or reject bookings without worrying about changes or if meetings are rescheduled or moved to other meeting rooms.

PayPal, Uber, Dropbox and AskCody. The best productivity extensions for Office!

One of the absolute best feelings in this world is when others recognize that you are doing something great that make others happy and you get a pat on the back. Every day we are trying our very best to make companies and people more productive when it comes to booking meetings and managing meeting rooms. We are so glad that this is recognized!

If you haven't already noticed it, AskCody got mentioned, among brands like PayPal, Uber, Dropbox, and Yelp, as one of the best productivity extension for Outlook.


So, what about the AskCody Platform? What have we done here?

Well, pretty much everything has been remanufactured, reprogrammed, and moved from Azure IaaS to Azure App Services, now running everything as PaaS at our trusted platform provider Microsoft Azure.

We’ve updated both our Add-ins RoomFinder and Meeting+ and added a visitor management Add-in, Welcome+, for Outlook to the platform as well so that employees can both find a room that meets criteria, book associated services and ensure that attendees are registered in the reception in one simple workflow.

We launched the new self-service AskCody Management Portal so that you can access everything relating to your AskCody services yourself in a web browser.

Finally, we have launched a bunch of minor updates and features that help you win the meeting room battle. You can check them all out on this blog. Every month the most important releases of the last month.


What’s next?

When we look ahead, and into the most important releases that are already planned for 2017 these are:

  • RoomFinder Mobile for iOS and Android. A mobile app to book meeting rooms on the go like you know from the RoomFinder Add-in inside Outlook.
  • Insights in General Availability. A meeting room dashboard for you to dig into with stats and insights about how your meeting rooms are being utilized and how your organization performs when it comes to meetings.
  • Today+ 2.0. A complete overhaul of the well-known Today+ door sign with a lot of new features like report tools and meeting room insights right on the door sign.

And last but not least; my personal favorite: Cody will become what he was always intended to be… Alive! I can’t tell you how much I look forward to presenting you this. Stay tuned!


Thanks for an amazing year!

The holiday season is a wonderful time to reflect, sit back, and remember our friends, customers, users, and valued business partners. During the holiday season, more than ever, my thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress during the year possible.

2016 has been another amazing year for AskCody. I’d, therefore, like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued business, your support, your friendship, and for our partnership. It’s highly valued and appreciated. It is people like you who make my job a true pleasure all year long and keep our business and development successful. I promise you that we will continue to do our very best to ensure your confidence and loyalty to us. Thank you.

I look forward to speaking with you all again in 2017.

From all of us to all of you: Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2016-09-02 22.28.56.jpg
All the best,

Allan Mørch

CEO & Founder
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