AskCody will be attending this years World Partner Conference - The largest event for Microsoft partners.

When it comes to meeting the right people in the right place, bigger is better. The Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC) brings together over 15,000 attendees from around the globe for a week of networking and learning—all with the goal of increasing partner profitability and accelerating business growth.

This year, AskCody will be showcased in booth # 523 where we'll focus on our meeting room management solution for Office 365 and Outlook - The add-ins that simplify meeting scheduling and streamline conference room booking, eliminating a nightmarish aspect of day-do-day business that zaps productivity and wastes precious time. 

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 We'd love to invite you to our booth to give you a walk through of our platform and solution, and discuss how we can help you manage you meetings smarter, or help your clients improve their everyday worklife productivity. 

In this blog we'll tell a bit more about what to expect from AskCody at this years WPC and what we would like to showcase. 


AskCody Launch Key Office 365 Add-ins Just In Time for Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference. Join us at booth #523 to learn more!

AskCody® is changing the way companies book and manage meetings with the new meeting management suite with RoomFinder™ and Meeting+™, based on Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook. The Add-ins come as integrated booking tools improving productivity and efficiency when booking meetings in Outlook and are now available in the Office Store.


Optimize room booking with AskCody RoomFinder


RoomFinder™ lets employees search for and book rooms or other resources like “hot desks” based on availability, for meetings the number of attendees, purpose of the conference and in-room equipment. Employees can search for rooms that suit the purpose of their meeting (e.g., Video Conference or Internal Meeting) or search for meeting rooms with the right facilities or capabilities.

Meeting+™ is best described as a “webshop” for Outlook that lets employees book and manage meeting services like catering, additional meeting room equipment, cars, or other resources. People can now book what they need inside Outlook, and the kitchen or facilities management instantly knows exactly what, when, and where they need it delivered. All the assigned resources like catering, AV and telepresence, table arrangement and more, follow the meeting if it is rescheduled.

“It’s one of our customers’ biggest concerns and requests to have everything regarding meeting room booking and meeting room management integrated well with Office 365 and Outlook to maximize productivity in the organization. Customers are telling us that a flexible workplace environment with the right management tools is key to their future success. For this years WPC we'll focus on solutions that enables and empowers employees to manage meetings and meeting rooms with ease, all inside Outlook and Office 365,”said Allan Mørch, CTO & Founder, AskCody®.

At this years World Partner Conference the focus is to digital transformation and the move to digital. Learn more about how AskCody drive digital transformation in the Cover Story in the Summer Edition of "The Record" - The best of enterprise technology on the Microsoft Platform.


Don't just sell Office 365!

Selling products scores points. Selling solutions wins games. Solve the customers pain and become champion!

Selling products like Office 365 will help put some points on the board, but selling cloud-based solutions that solve the customers' real "pain" like those the ISVs create and develop will ultimately help Partners retain their customers, boost their revenue stream, and win championships.

When Microsoft Partners want to up their game, they should head to ISV's like AskCody. ISV's develops applications that Office 365 Partners can offer directly to their customers to help them succeed in the cloud.

We experience a lot of resellers just pushing Office 365 at a low price – a race to the bottom. The challenge is that Office 365 is a commodity sold by many partners, and it can be hard to differentiate what sets one business apart from the rest.


Meeting room optimization add-in for Outlook and Office 365


Make your Office 365 offering stand out and bundle it with the AskCody Meeting Room Management add-ins.

Microsoft Partners can do much better if they identify a number of services they can bundle and sell as a subscription based “solution” to their customers. A solution that is unique to them, that customers can’t buy on every corner that makes the Partner stand out from the crowd. 

If the reseller or Partner can put together a complete solution based on standard services like the AskCody Meeting Room Management add-ins that are always up to date and in principle can run forever, this will transform the reseller into a trusted adviser since customers do not have to go and look at competitors for solutions, which means more longevity with the client

If you are interested in growing you business as an Office 365 Partner, you should schedule a meeting with us at WPC. We'd love to help you grow your business, make you stand out from the crowd, and improve your relationship with your clients.


Special events at the booth. Come join us! 

Booth tours

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we'll be hosting a special Booth Tour from 2pm to 3pm. On the Booth Tour we'll be presenting our platform and solutions. Here you can learn more about how companies and organizations can enhance meeting room productivity and learn how to get started with AskCody. 

At the booth you'll also have the change to learn more about other ISV's with amazing solutions like AppedWorkpointeLearningforce and Templafy.

Monday Night Booth Bar! Booth # 523 is the place to be!

Monday night, July 11th, we'll be hosting a Happy Hour Booth Bar from 4pm to 5pm. Don't miss it! Booth # 523 is the place to be!


Contact us during the WPC

If you want to connect or schedule a presentation, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

For Europe contact Allan Mørch - +45 22 24 97 69 -

For North America contact Henrik Balle - +1 305 924-8010

The conference will be held from July 10-14 in Toronto, Canada, at the Metro Toronto

Convention Centre (MTCC).

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