Workplace wayfinding and meeting management systems have long operated side-by-side in two siloed systems.  

However, thanks to new technologies, you can now easily integrate meeting management software with workplace wayfinding to create an interactive tool for your employees to book meetings and find their way around the workplace quickly and efficiently.  AskCody offers one of these solutions with AskCody WayFinder being integrated with Outlook, Office 365 or Google Calendar. 

Here are six simple reasons why you should integrate your workplace wayfinding with your meeting management system.  

Learn what wins, it will bring to your organization's productivity

1. Availability At A Glance - Free/Busy Status In An Office Map

An office map can quickly show your employees the location of different rooms. However, by integrating your wayfinding with your meeting management system, your employees will be able to see exactly which rooms are available when they need them.    

We’re all familiar with the traditional method of browsing all your company’s meeting rooms via Outlook and looking for one that’s available. Perhaps you have a large Meeting Room Display at the entrance, by the receptionist area or by each larger junction inside your facility that can provide meeting information at a general level. While this system may be okay for employees while they’re at their desks or now how to navigate the building, it isn’t ideal for anyone that’s on the move.  

By integrating your wayfinding and scheduling systems, your employees have instant access to all the necessary data to plan meetings on the fly or find their way around the workplace if they’re running late or in a rush.  

 2. Make It Easy To Find Your Meetings

We’ve all been there; you’re running between meetings but forgot the name of the meeting room you’re heading to. You try to get out your laptop or phone, which can be a pain when you’re already on a tight schedule. Nobody knows where room is located! (Admit it - You know about these room names!) 

By integrating your wayfinding with your meeting management system, all your employees have instant access to the necessary meeting data, meaning they can easily identify a meeting by its subject or room name and find the way there. 

This is also extremely helpful for visitors, such as potential clients or business partners, who’ll easily be able to navigate through your workplace to their allocated meeting room.   

Workplace wayfinding solutions can provide information and wayfinding to improve hospitality, self-service, and visitor satisfaction instead of having employees act as “guides” or “way-showers.” By doing that you will create a great guest experience improving both visitor and employee satisfaction, as well as enhance productivity, employee happiness, and reducing your costs.  An excellent wayfinding experience gives a great first impression for visitors, while simultaneously freeing your staff from the task of giving directions, instead allowing them to focus on their job.  


 3. Book The Room Closest To You Or The One Located Near Your Workstation For The Day

Admit it. Facilities Management tries the best to convince you to book a room the meets criteria for your meeting based on needed capacity or in-room equipment. 8 out of 10 times you end up booking the rooms with the closest range - Simply do to convenience and proximity, or because you still haven't found room From a utilization perspective, you understand that it's a waste of resources and real estate to be two people occupying the conference room (With a capacity of 18), but you honestly have no clue about where the rest of the meeting rooms are located on your floorplan.  

Workplace wayfinding can help you get an overview to know where rooms are located throughout the floorplan so that you would have been able to book a room that is both convenient for you and gives the organization the best overall utilization.  

4. Find Your Way To Office Equipment

With a workspace wayfinding solution, you can visualize the location and status of important office equipment. This is especially appreciated for newly hired staff or visitors from other branches. Where is the large-format printer? Where is the coffee machine at this floorplan? Where is the mobile video conference for the huddle rooms? 

5. Make Meetings Start On Time

We are spending more time in meetings than ever before. Difficulties in first booking and planning, and afterward locating meetings are causing delays in getting started, with over 90% of meetings starting late, the day becomes a series of delayed meetings, costing companies millions of dollars every year. 

While there are numerous reasons why employees arrive late for meetings, struggling to find meeting room locations should not be one of them. 

Workplace wayfinding integrated with the companies meeting management solution like Office 365, Outlook/Exchange or Google Calendar improve employee efficiency and timeliness by providing wayfinding on either touch screens or employees smartphones to help them navigate complex campuses or floorplans,  and arrive at meetings less stressed and on time. 



6. Extend The Workspace Wayfinding Solution With Meeting Room Displays And Gain The Utilization Wins

Integrating your workspace wayfinding with your meeting management system allows you to create a simple, user-friendly experience for your employees to book a new meeting or modify an existing meeting… and do it from various digital endpoints, so your employee isn’t restricted just to manage meetings inside their Outlook or Office 365.   

By combining workspace wayfinding with digital meeting room displays employees will be able to instantly book rooms, cancel or extend meetings, and browse what rooms are available at what times. This turns your standard old wayfinding into a powerful, fully integrated workplace tool for maximizing your employee's efficiency by making the process of booking a meeting so much more intuitive, than your classic Outlook scheduling.  

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