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We are on a mission here and we invite you to join!


We want to change the way people book and manage meetings, enhance productivity and improve work-life for every single employee, while optimizing resources and workspace utilization for the entire organization.


At AskCody we have unique capability in harmonizing the needs of both individuals and organizations. This is in our DNA and at the core of what we do!

Want to see for yourself?

Request a demo now and join hundred of leading organizations worldwide. 

In the demo we cover:

  • A walktrough of the AskCody platform and employee focused meeting tools to empower employees to achieve more.
  • A deep dive into how the AskCody Workplace Insights tool for analytics and reporting gives you the answers you need about workplace utilization
  • A tour of the AskCody Management Portal for Meeting Managers, Receptionist, Facilities Management and Service Vendors to understand how AskCody enhance operational efficiency across your organization.





The AskCody product suite simplifies meeting scheduling, streamlines conference room and resource booking, visitor management, takes care of daily questions at the front desk, and improves both wayfinding and the overall meeting effectiveness.






We are eager to tell you how AskCody can transform the Meeting Room Management experience in your organization.

Request a demo today and speak with one of our experts.

I would say try it! The AskCody Team will instantly realize the ease of use, how well you support our implementation and our needs, our questions and helping us understand best practices. Now with AskCody all workflows are managed through one central system which makes it much easier to book and manage meetings.

Henry Chace

Henry Chace

CIO, Burns & Levinson LLP