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AskCody for Corporate Headquarters

Meeting planning involves a lot of vital parts of the company. Gain a frictionless workplace by implementing a fully integrated meeting booking software for your Outlook or Office 365 connecting all parts of meeting planning in one platform. 



AskCody for Corporate Headquarters


Meetings are a necessary part of doing business and business life in corporate headquarters. What isn’t necessary is the time spent on tedious tasks to arrange these meetings.

Meeting scheduling is often reported as one of the most time consuming non-essential tasks during an average workday. In fact, office workers report spending close to five hours a week every week on meeting management and searching for space to collaborate with coworkers.

Now, consider the different organizational units involved in meetings. Facilities Management must ensure that the right amount and configuration of rooms and workspaces are available with the necessary table arrangements, desks, and room for collaboration. The corporate kitchen prepares food, beverages, or other services. Reception must track the day's visitors, manage check-ins, print visitor badges, notify the host upon attendee arrivals, and check-out guests. Finance must settle costs and manage tax and cost centers.

"Without AskCody, the search for meeting rooms would be difficult and a lot of resources would have been wasted. The municipality of Skanderborg is, therefore, more than happy for our AskCody installation and 100% satisfied." 


In corporate headquarters, these time-consuming processes are costly and cumbersome for service providers and service managers who are always hustling to stay up-to-date on impending needs and ensuring everything is delivered to the right place at the right time to support the core of the business.

When it comes to meeting room booking and meeting management, the focus is often on the meeting organizer. However, there are teams throughout the organization who feel the productivity pinch at every meeting and who has a huge role to play in a frictionless organization.

Without an integrated and comprehensive meeting management platform there are opportunities for error and redundancies at every turn for all the people and organizational units who are involved in meetings.


The challenges with an unsynchronized platform include:

  • Silo-ed systems
  • Error-prone booking methods
  • Wasted time and resources on meetings starting late
  • Friction and stress in the workplace
  • Scheduling errors
  • Additional services delivered at the wrong time or to the wrong meeting room
  • Damage to client perception and company image
  • Inefficient use of meeting spaces and poor room utilization

Meeting management is a true cross-organizational discipline, and your organization and business life in the corporate headquarters stands to benefit from the implementation of an integrated meeting room booking software because meeting room management processes have a direct impact on your overall performance and financial standing. All meeting room users free up time to do what’s essential to your business instead of spending time on cumbersome, unsynchronized processes.


It looks the same as the native Outlook experience but it's easier for the end-user as you can do all requirements for meetings in this one spot

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