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A fully integrated and synchronized meeting management platform allows you to manage all tasks related to meetings across the entire workplace. Integrated with Outlook and Office 365. and relying on your Exchange resources it's stable, scalable, secure, and easy to get started. Optimizing workplace bookings while increasing operational efficiency. 



AskCody for Financial Services


Meeting management is a true cross-organizational discipline with many elements that are prone to poor processes that harpoon employee productivity. Without the right tools that integrate the process and bind organizational units together, every one-hour meeting is more likely a five-hour meeting.

For companies and organizations within the financial services, meetings are what's runs the business. Why? Because it's where they meet with clients, talk with prospects and make the company grow. Financial services run on meetings. It's a client business with a large amount of foot-traffic of external guests and visitors.

Managing meeting scheduling and workplace bookings is, therefore, an everyday activity. Still, although being a routine activity, it is often cumbersome, labor-intensive and time-consuming, and for too many organizations a task that hasn’t received the attention deserved, compared with the value a streamlined process brings to financial services.

“Before they had to do a lot of manual processes and manual checking and asking lots of questions to end-users about catering, so they estimate that they save an average 1 to 2 hours per day with AskCody.”


For many meeting managers, assistants, facility managers, canteen managers and all involved in meeting planning in a financial company, where high-quality meetings and meeting services matters, managing their job related to a specific meeting, is based on manual processes.

When booking a meeting, these meeting stakeholders are faced with many challenges due to primarily manual work procedures and siloed, un-integrated solutions by a variety of different vendors, or simply just due to trying to manage meetings and associated services in an old paper log or using Spreadsheets. Poor, or no systems, kills productivity and has an impact on the overall workplace experience.

Meeting planners can easily spend more time scheduling the meeting than the duration of the meeting itself. On average, a meeting or conference can take 20 minutes to book. Moreover, this might not even include ordering associated services like catering, a table arrangement, AV equipment, or contacting facilities management to ensure that the right IT equipment is onsite and operating in the room. In a business that runs on meetings, this is costly and a considerable source of wasted resources every day.


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