Take control of your meeting rooms and workspace

Experience how your office space and meeting rooms are actually being used. Insights offers you clarity, enables you to see clearly what’s happening in your meeting rooms, and helps Facilities Management to do their job.


Planning an office expansion? Trying to make the best of what you already have?

 Insights arms you with data (instead of guesses) for all the answers. Go deeper into conference room activity, with daily reporting for key metrics like meetings, attendees and occupancy to get the full story of how your office space performs.

Become data driven and enhance room utilization now!

Take decisions based on data, not your gut feeling. Control or regulate meeting room booking behaviour, enhance productivity, optimize resources and raise room utilization now. 

Dig into workspace and meeting data with Insights

Learn how your workspace performs

With Insights, for the first time ever, you have quantifiable data that shows how your workspace performs when it comes to meetings and utilization of the workspace.

With Insights you will see your office and meeting rooms in full context with all available data about utilization, so you can optimize the available space, across your entire organization.

With Insights you can go deeper into conference room activity, with daily reporting for key metrics like meetings and occupancy, no shows and ghost meetings, duration and attendees.

Beautiful and simple dashboards

You get the insights and trends displayed in a beautiful dashboard where you can pull the metrics you need to make informed decisions about your meeting room space, conference rooms, hot desk or other resources. 

Get the answers to your questions about people, places and events without the need for any on-prem installation. With our Cloud based Meeting Management Platform we can tell you how your office space is performing by the blink of an eye. You can access your meeting room data from anywhere and your data is safe with AskCody. 


Insights keep things simple.

Endless experiments have shown that people struggle to deal with complexity.

The more channels of information you have; the more likely that you are to become overloaded and avoid decision making or action taking.

Insights is a well-designed dashboard that cuts through complexity and allows you to make decisions based on valuable data and key metrics.


Become data driven and enhance room utilization now!

You will instantly enhance productivity and room utilization by controlling or regulating meeting room booking behavior. AskCody Insights helps Facilities Management do their job and optimize resources and utilization of meeting spaces. Not based on their gut feeling but based on data.

When you don’t know, you can’t act. With AskCody you will know.

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Find out when meetings are happening

With Insights you can find out when meetings are happening, which rooms and tech are most popular, and when to consolidate or expand. Find out which of your organization’s rooms are under- or over-utilized.

Learn which rooms are most used, which are always free, or which of the technologies you have available are most used by meeting organizers.


Learn excactly how your meeting rooms are being utilized and how they perform

With "Room Statistics" you can dig into conference room activity with key metrics like the number of meetings, attendees per meeting, occupancy, or time score, to get the full picture of how each room, hot desk or other resources are being utilized. With Room Statitics it's easy to learn how meeting rooms perform, and how you can optimize the overall workplace.



Learn what your employees are looking for

Those data and analytics come into play for the specific needs of certain divisions or locations. For example, a department might need a conference setup for board meetings, while another might need a Google Hangouts setup. Some rooms need a speaker phone and some need video conference. Some need flip overs, some white boards and others the ability to change table arrangements.

Companies basically need to have that information in order to better prepare for what employees are looking for — and increase the overall efficiency of an office space.


Frequently Asked Questions for AskCody Insights

Our Insights and Analytic tool gathers data from more than 50 data points surrounding meetings and workplace behavior. See our FAQ to learn more about the implementation and usage. 


[fa icon="plus-square"] Is Insights integrated with our Exchange Server?

Like the rest of the AskCody Meeting Room Management Suite Insights uses and leverage the data from you Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Office 365 or Google Calendar. We can even "go back in time" to see how utilization was before AskCody.

When your employees use Outlook, Office 365 or Google Calendar to book meetings, it generates data. 

We surface that data for you like graphs, charts, KPI’s and numbers, plus recommendations for improvements tailored specifically to your company’s unique meeting behaviors.

If you use Meeting+, RoomFinder or Meeting Room Displays to optimize utilization of meeting rooms, it generates even more data for Insights.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Can I search for specific days, weeks or months?

With Insights you can find stats for specific days, by weeks or overtime in a month. It’s your data. You can even save and store specific filters to ensure you measure your KPI’s the same way every time

[fa icon="plus-square"] Which metrics about meeting room usage is available?

Discover and learn the usage rate of your meeting rooms and how often rooms are free or occupied.

You can compare the total capacity of the meeting room with the average number of attendees attending a meeting in the room to learn how well the room is being utilized.

You can also compare the total number of meeting hours in the conference room with the rooms opening hours and find out how well the room is being utilized when it comes to the potential usage.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Can I learn about meeting durations or participants and attendees?

With Insights you can learn how long employees like to meet. Find out whether most meetings are 30 minutes or less, or whether 60-90 minute sessions are more common.

You can also find out how many people typically attend meetings in a certain room, floor or even campus and learn how your rooms are being used.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Can I compare different locations?

So, let’s say you’re running your office across multiple locations. With Insights you can compare locations to see how your office space performs head-to-head. You can also compare similar meeting room types, to see how they perform compared to each other.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Can I get rid of the "ghost meetings?"

"Ghost Meetings" are meetings that are booked, but the meeting owner never shows up. This is one of the single most utilization killers to meeting rooms.

With Insights, combined with Meeting Room Displays you can learn how many meetings are no shows or ghost meetings, and even where people don’t show up even though they booked the room.

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