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Lets you search for all meeting rooms and bookable resources across multiple locations with ease, right inside the already familiar interface of Outlook and Office 365.

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  • Key features
  • 100% integrated with Microsoft Outlook
  • Search for meeting rooms and hot desks
  • Search across across multiple locations and time zones
  • Set room criterias, like whiteboard, airtame etc.
  • Booking of catering, equipment, and other supplies directly

Search for meeting rooms and resources

Search for all meeting rooms or hot desks across multiple locations and time zones. Instantly know the availability of the room before you try booking it. See who has booked the room if it’s occupied, and when the room will be released.


Search for rooms that meet your desired criteria  

Users can search and sort by the purpose of a meeting (e.g. video conference), special features (room with a whiteboard or projector), and guaranteed attendee capacity. Finding the right room has never been easier.


A familiar interface - Book directly from Outlook

AskCody is 100% integrated with Outlook and Office 365. No need for outdated third-party tools, unintegrated Sharepoint sites, 3rd party webpages, or paper-based bookings. RoomFinder comes as a Modern Add-in for Outlook and Office 365 and runs where Outlook is.


Use RoomFinder together with Insights and see your workspace in full context

With Insights you will see your office and meeting rooms in full context with all available data about utilization. You can easily experience how your office space and meeting rooms are actually being used and make the most out of your workspace. 

With RoomFinder and Insights, you can go deeper into conference room activity, with daily reporting for key metrics like meetings and occupancy, no-shows and ghost meetings, duration and attendees and get the insights and trends displayed in a beautiful dashboard.

More about Roomfinder

How can users search for resources?

AskCody RoomFinder helps you search for all resources. USers can choose from many search criteria:

  • By location

  • Purpose of a meeting, e.g. video conference, sales, board meeting or external visitor

  • Equipment, e.g. a whiteboard, projector, Cisco conference phone, presentation screen, or built-in speakers

  • Services, e.g. catering available, chair setups, AV services, or recording
  • Capacity

Learn more about adding equipment and services to Roomfinder in our support center.

Can I control who is able to book rooms?

Yes, you can support a decentralized room booking process with AskCody. Some users can request rooms with others empowered to approve their requests.

Learn more in this support article, user roles and membership hierarchy.

Can I search just in my country or floor?
Yes, AskCody supports custom groups, including grouping rooms by floor, amenity, preference, or internal business logic.
Are external users able to book rooms?

Yes, if you choose to allow it.

AskCody supports two different methods of enabling external booking.

What about hot desking and office hoteling?

AskCody offers full support for finding and booking hot desks or office hotels. Both are loaded into our system as resources.

Then you can decide if you wish to allow external users to book these resources. Integrations with the AskCody Wayfinder allow a map to the office to be attached, or for the map to update showing when a desk or office hotel is booked.

Can you book resources on behalf of someone else?

Yes, with delegate access or shared access to calendars.

Delegate gives access to the entire account, including calendars and email.

Shared gives access to calendars (i.e. can't send emails on behalf of other people).

With AskCody, Burns & Levinson has automated labor-intensive meeting tasks.

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