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Instantly get more out of your meeting rooms

Make a reservation, view if the room is free or occupied, confirm your reservation, claim the room, improve meeting room utilization, change the face of your office space, and create a premium environment with beautiful Meeting Room Displays from AskCody.

Avoid meeting interruptions and improve meeting room utilization

Display daily activities and schedule events directly on the Meeting Room Display. 

Improve meeting room efficiency instantly by providing employees and visitors with a complete overview of daily meeting activities.


Works out of the box with your favorite calendar system

AskCody Meeting Room Displays seamlessly integrate with Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, and G Suite.

Reduce cost by instantly knowing room availability and avoiding interruptions in meetings with integrated Meeting Room Displays.



Meeting Room Displays improve productivity and happiness. Yes, really.

Searching for unoccupied meeting rooms, interruptions in the middle of meetings, and booking misunderstandings are often due to confusing routines, unintegrated and unsynchronized systems, and cumbersome processes.

AskCody Meeting Room Displays make it easy for daily users and visitors to get an overview of the day's events and meeting activities and find the event they are attending.

Meeting Room Displays for single meeting rooms

AskCody Meeting Room Displays for meeting rooms (Today+) display daily activities and enable users to schedule events directly on the digital door sign. This makes it easier than ever to optimize your meeting room utilization.

Fully integrated and synchronized digital meeting room signs find unoccupied meeting rooms in seconds and prevent meeting interruptions and booking misunderstandings.

AskCody Meeting Room Displays take the meeting room booking experience to a new level. The suite of features and functions help you get more out of your meeting rooms.

Experience increased business efficiency, reduced costs, and optimized meeting resources.

Meeting overviews on large Meeting Room Displays

ActivityView displays which meetings or activities are taking place right now, later, and how to get there with indoor wayfinding.

ActivityView provides everyone with one complete overview of the day’s meeting activities and improves your meeting room efficiency instantly. All data is aggregated into one single screen for quick and easy viewing. Perfect for the reception, office entrance, or meeting room clusters.

ActivityView makes all information about current and upcoming events available for users and visitors and displays when the events begin.

AskCody's indoor wayfinding directs users to meeting rooms and eliminates the dreaded office meeting room wandering we're all familiar with.

Meeting Room Display's instant overview frees up front desk resources and fosters a modern, premium office environment.

Together with Today+, it is the most flexible and easy-to-use dynamic meeting room display solution.



Meeting Room Displays from AskCody deliver the information you need about your meetings


Inconsistent routines, unintegrated and unsynchronized systems, and complicated processes can lead to meeting interruptions, booking related misunderstandings, and difficulties in finding available meeting rooms.

AskCody's Meeting Room Display solution delivers a better overview of your conference rooms, room status, and daily meeting activities.

Everyone has access to one complete overview of the day’s meeting activities, improving your meeting room efficiency instantly.

Learn how AskCody Meeting Room Displays, both small and large, can enhance meeting room scheduling and booking behavior. Sign up for a demo now and get started.

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No more wasting time, no more feeling lost.

The difficulty in finding unoccupied meeting rooms, interruptions in the middle of meetings, and booking misunderstandings are often due to confusing processes, unintegrated and unsynchronized systems, and cumbersome technologies.

ActivityView from AskCody makes it easy for your daily users and visitors to get an overview of the days’s events and meeting activities, and makes it easy to find the event they are attending with indoor wayfinding.


On-screen confirmation enhances meeting room utilization instantly. No more no-shows.

When the meeting is about to start, the status of the room changes to pending. You simply tap the screen to confirm that the room belongs to you. If the meeting finishes early, end it with one tap and the room is released and free for others to use.

If no confirmation is received within a set window the meeting is due to start or finish, the room is released for use, allowing new users to book directly from the screen or from their mail client.


When the meeting room is busy, extend or end your meeting directly from the screen.

Sometimes meetings take longer than expected. If you need extra time, you can instantly view any upcoming bookings or availability, and extend the meeting with as much time is available, all from the intuitive meeting room screen.

Likewise, if you finish your meeting early, just go to the meeting room screen and end the meeting. Someone else can then make use of the space, maximizing utilization of the room.


Frequently Asked Questions for AskCody Meeting Room Displays

Have a feature question about our Meeting Room Displays? Then check our FAQ or shoot us an email and we'll reach out ASAP. 


Can the Meeting Room Displays reflect my company profile?

The design of AskCody Meeting Room Displays can be designed to reflect your company profile. Displays can be mounted in both portrait and landscape mode.

How are the Meeting Room Displays integrated with my Outlook or G-suite?

For Microsoft Exchange and Outlook

AskCody provides a solution with direct integration for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange through Exchange Web Services.

When booking and scheduling meeting activities in Exchange and Outlook, the meetings and events are always visible and updated across all the solutions from AskCody.

Similarly, activities are created and updated in Exchange when activities are booked on the Today+ digital door signs. This includes current meeting information, attendees, description, the status of the room, and upcoming events resulting in more efficient utilization of your resources. On the digital signage solutions, current meeting information, the status of the room, and upcoming events are displayed and always visible which instantly improves your meeting room efficiency.

Our integrations for calendar systems from Microsoft are available for Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and Office 365.

For Google G-suite

All communication between the AskCody web server and your Google Account is web-based through the Google Calendar API.

The Calendar API lets you display, create, and modify calendar events as well as work with many other calendar-related objects, such as calendars or access controls, and is built-in to the AskCody Platform. The integration is managed in the AskCody management portal.

For more information visit the AskCody Help Center

Which features are available on the Today+ Meeting Room Displays?

Ready? Here we go:

- List of today's events, time, and date
- Meeting subject and host of the meeting
- Attendees and meeting description
- Free/occupied
- Private meeting
- Book from screen/ad-hoc bookings/fast lane bookings* - pending mode, confirm, or cancel meeting*
- Extend or end meeting from screen*


*Requires ApplicationImpersonation for the AskCody Exchange User Account when integrated into Exchange.

How are meetings displayed on ActivityView? Which views are supported?

ActivityView can be designed to reflect your company profile, and the content can be displayed in both portrait and landscape mode. It can display all event details including start time and location. This makes it easy for your daily users and visitors to get an overview of all of the today’s activities and meeting room availability in a single glance, and makes it easy to find the event or meeting they are attending. 

ActivityView can be configured to room, tile, and list view:

- RoomView provides instant overview and availability of up to six meeting rooms in landscape mode or 12 rooms in portrait mode (two meetings in each room). 

Availability is color coded: green for vacant and red for occupied.

- TileView delivers a list of up to eight tiles, providing you with information about availability and events. This works great for larger areas more two or more screens, since more rooms can the be displayed.

- ListView displays all meeting room activities in a dynamic list which is updated instantly.Think of it as the displays with departures in the airport. 

Which hardware is recommended?

Our software is web-based and more or less only require a stable internet connection.

You can use iPads or iPad Minis, professional screens with PoE from Samsung, LG, Philips, Qbic and more. 

Can the Meeting Room Displays show personal calendars as well?

Yes. You can use Today+ and ActivityView for a personal calendar, too. With ActivityView for personal calendars, you can take control of your time and easily let co-workers know if you’re free or busy. Hereby avoiding daily distractions and unwanted interruptions. 

ActivityView for People will let your colleagues know when you're in a meeting, busy with a deadline, out of office or free to chat. With this, you can effectively manage the time you need to complete tasks and collaborate with others. Let your co-workers know what you're working on right now so that they can easily see if/when you are available.

You should see for yourself how to manage meetings smarter


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