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ActivityView provides everyone with one complete overview of the day’s meeting activities and improves your meeting room efficiency instantly.

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Activity Overview

All data is aggregated into one single screen for quick and easy viewing

Run and display ActivityView in any high-traffic areas like the reception, the office entrance, or meeting room clusters, so everyone knows where the nearest free room is right now, giving people a powerful summary of the office schedule, in real-time, connected and integrated with Outlook, Office 365 and G-suite. 

ActivityView makes all information about current and upcoming events available for users and visitors and displays when the events begin. The instant overview frees up front desk resources and fosters a modern, premium office environment. 

Meeting Rooms overview

No more wasting time, no more feeling lost 

The difficulty in finding unoccupied meeting rooms, interruptions in the middle of meetings, and booking misunderstandings are often due to confusing processes, unintegrated and unsynchronized systems, and cumbersome technologies. 

ActivityView from AskCody answer scheduling questions before they are even asked and makes it easy for your daily users and visitors to get an overview of the days' events and meeting activities. 

ActivityView different screens

ActivityView can be set in different views 

- Room view provides you with an instant overview of up to 6 meeting rooms (2 meetings at each room) and availability of the meeting room. Shows the availability by color coding green when available and red when occupied. 

- List view shows all meeting activities for all meeting rooms in a dynamic list which is updated instantly. Think of the departure screen in the airport, but for meetings and events. 

- Tile view gives your 7 tiles per screen with information about 7 rooms. You can see availability, and information about the current and the upcoming event for each room. Tile view is excellent if you want to combine more screens and make a display wall with 20 or more rooms. 

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“We use AskCody for digital representation of our meetings. The display of meetings is clearly displayed with the standard view. Setting up AskCody took me a maximum of 2 hours and I do not have to worry about it anymore.”