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Fully integrated and synchronized digital meeting room signs find unoccupied meeting rooms in seconds and prevent meeting interruptions and booking misunderstandings.

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RM, M+, MRD-17

Enhance room utilization with Meeting Confirmation

On-screen confirmation enhances meeting room utilization instantly. No more no-shows.

When the meeting is about to start, the status of the room changes to pending. You simply tap the screen to confirm that the room belongs to you. If the meeting finishes early, end it with one tap and the room is released and free for others to use.

If no confirmation is received within a set window the meeting is due to start or finish, the room is released for use, allowing new users to book directly from the screen or from their mail client. 

RM, M+, MRD-18

Extend or end your meeting directly from the screen 

Sometimes meetings take longer than expected. If you need extra time, you can instantly view any upcoming bookings or availability, and extend the meeting with as much time is available, all from the intuitive meeting room screen.

Likewise, if you finish your meeting early, just go to the meeting room screen and end the meeting. Someone else can then make use of the space, maximizing utilization of the room.

Eliminate wasteful use of meeting rooms. Optimize meeting resources now!

An intuitive interface enables employees to use Meeting Room Displays immediately, and no additional so ware needs to be installed in your Calendar System.

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Fix In-room equipment issues faster with fault reporting and connect notifications to your service desk system

We’ve all been there. Something in the meeting room didn’t work during your presentation, whether it was the TV screen or the video conferencing service.

AskCody’s built-in fault reporting feature allows users to report meeting room equipment issues to the right person within the company with just a few taps on the meeting room display. It simplifies help requests for employees who use the meeting rooms and enables IT and FM teams to manage equipment more efficiently.


RM, M+, MRD-19

Use the screen you want

Use iPads or iPad Minis, professional screens with PoE from Glorystar, LG, Philips, Qbic and more. The software is web-based and more or less only require a stable internet connection.

Meeting Room Displays will increase business efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize meeting resources.

Eliminate ghost meetings and poor meeting room utilization.

Make it easy to find your meeting
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See how AskCody can save you a ton on meeting management.

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We use AskCody for digital representation of our meetings. Provided that Outlook is set up correctly, AskCody can be linked very easy to our Office 365 environment. The meetings are read out real time and shown on the screen in our welcome room.