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Selling products like Office 365 will help put some points on the board, but selling Office 365 bundled with solutions and value adding Add-ins that solve the customers' real "pain" like taking care of meetings will ultimately help the you retain your clients , boost your revenue stream, and make you win championships.


Drive consumption

With value adding Add-ins you raise consumption on important workloads like Exchange Online and Outlook


Create Stickiness, Become unique and stand out from the crowd

Become the Microsoft Partner that bundle Office 365 with unique Add-ins that talks to the business – Not the IT-department and sell this as a subscription based “solution” to your clients. A solution that is unique, that the client can’t buy on every corner, will make you stand out from the crowd and make you retain the relationship with the client (Partner of Record)


Boosts your revenue stream and raise Customer Lifetime Value

Add a subscription based service like AskCody to your Office 365 offering, to raise your revenue stream based on your Office 365 business.

It is no longer about the deal or the initial sale, it is about customer lifetime value. To be successful as a partner you need to mantain customers for life by ensuring that your clients continually get value out of their solutions. With AskCody you raise the value of your Office 365 offering.

Partner with AskCody

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Our  partner program focuses on assisting the partner’s core business with meaningful and supporting products, which provide the partner with a unique opportunity for differentiating from its competitors. 

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