Københavnske venture-millioner til Aalborg-virksomhed

By Thomas Røhr Kristiansen on May 10, 2017 1:26:34 PM

Den nystartede danske teknologifond Promentum Equity Partners har netop tilført et tocifret millionbeløb til den aalborgensiske it-virksomhed AskCody, der på få år er blevet en global leverandør af intelligente værktøjer til planlægning og afholdelse af møder.

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Press release: AskCody Accelerates Global Availability with the Microsoft Office Store Launch of Key Office 365 Apps Just In Time for Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference

By Allan Mørch on Mar 26, 2017 5:37:40 PM

With the constant demand for increase in office and workplace productivity, AskCody® is now changing the way meetings and all associated items and resources are booked and managed across organizations and locations – All inside Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office 365.

Aalborg, Denmark, June 15 - Meetings are a necessary part of business, but what isn’t necessary is the amount of time spent arranging them. For organizations with a lot of meetings, meeting rooms and especially meeting rooms located across locations and time-zones, finding an available room and booking of associated services can be a nightmare for employees.

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