It is finally here – the small changes with a big impact. We are very excited to introduce our new look and feel of the management portal. This update mainly covers three parts - color, styling, and navigation. Each section includes several changes, and each of them are described in details below.



The most noticeable change that comes with this manager portal update, is the change of the background color. The light grey color spreads throughout each form, product page and admin center. Accordingly, navigation bar, panels and lists have minor color adjustments to match the new look and feel.




ActivityView, Today+ and RoomFinder administrators will notice the changes in dashboard styling. We have removed product icons, unified colors and increased the font size for better readability and quick overview.

Secondly, AskCody manager portal will now be using system fonts throughout the interface. This means that users of different operating systems will be viewing manager with a different font, determined by their device. This change creates a more seamless integration in user’s everyday life, ensuring trust and reliability.

Thirdly, to simplify the interface design, redundant help text has been removed. The concept of help text component has also been revised, and from now on, help text only indicates why or in which cases the user should make an action. Thus, meticulous description of functions and choices will no longer be present in the product manager portal (Admin Center excluded). In addition to that, should you need assistance in making a choice, additional articles have been created in AskCody help center. 

Lastly, product icons have been removed, meaning that the product drop down menu to the left of the navigation bar and in the licence overview in the Admin Center, are now neater, giving the interface a more minimalistic look.


For the navigation, first of all, breadcrumbs are removed, and substituted with a more accurate menu, and better submenu labels and page headers. Headers and the menus are now descriptive of what can be done on the page. Thus the landing page of ActivityView, Today+ and Rooms (former RoomFinder) is now called ‘Manage’, as those are the places where administrators can manage AskCody products. There are some exceptions to this rule, however overall consistency in the manager is intended.

Secondly, some of the labels and columns have been move around to create consistency between the processes of adding, viewing and editing rooms, visitors, new items in Meeting+ etc. This is done for the purpose of creating a consistent information hierarchy, without repeating information, or containing misleading labels. 

Thirdly, additional label changes can be spotted throughout the manager. In Welcome+ ‘guest’ label is changed to ‘visitor’. The term guest is no longer used in the Welcome+ front end interface, as the visitor label by definition is more accurate, and is a better description for those visiting a company. Another example of a label change by definition is the ‘name’ column in ActivityView change into ‘Screen header’.

Last but not least, in Meeting+ and Welcome+ we have moved the delivery provider and reception name to the top right corner, next to the name of the person logged into the manager. This, at all times, makes it clear to administrators of multiple delivery providers/receptions, which delivery provider/reception is currently in use.

What is there left to do? 

This is our first update blog post, but certainly not the last. We intend to communicate future updates through this channel, therefore we encourage all AskCody product owners, manager portal users, and anyone who uses AskCody products to subscribe to the product update blog. This way you will know about the incoming updates and get insights about improvements.

We strive to get better at what we do, and for that we need feedback from you. If you wish to share your experience please contact your CSM.  

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