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Merry Christmas!

Just because December is a busy month, it doesn't mean that you don't get your monthly "5 new features from AskCody" update on the blog.

Take a look at the cool new features, and try them out now!



Last months most important updates

1. Drop-down delivery in Meeting+

Get a quick overview of all items of each delivery directly on the front page of "Current Deliveries" in the AskCody Meeting+ Manager. Just click on the order, and it will fold out.


2. Statistic metrics in Welcome+

In the top of the AskCody Welcome+ Manager you now have 4 metrics that tell you "How many guests have checked in today," "How many expected guests do we have today," etc.


3. Improved usability in RoomFinder

We have removed a step in the RoomFinder Add-in, so you no longer need to press "OK" when adding a room to your meeting.


4. Easier access to Add-ins in Office 365 Outlook

If you are using the Online Office 365 Outlook it is now possible the access all your Add-ins directly in the top bar in Outlook. Great job Microsoft!


5. New map and icon designs for the WayFinder

It Is now possible for new WayFinder customers to choose between different map templates, colors and icon banks.

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