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How to get the most out of your meeting rooms

How to Optimize Your Meeting Space in the Modern Workplace

Room booking and meeting room management in organizations can be a real challenge. Both for the single employee that needs to book a room for the next great presentation, but also for the Facilities Management department, who need to ensure the best possible utilization of the workspace to get the most out the real estate investment and the office lease.

So how do you handle the puzzle? Especially in what we call the "modern workplace," where activity-based working is the new black. 

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11 Easy Ways to Improve Meeting Processes

11 Easy Ways to Improve Meeting Processes 

When it comes to meeting room booking and meeting management, the focus is on the employee. But the productivity killers also come after the rest of the organization that supports and manage the meeting. Consider the tasks facility management or facility service, company canteen, reception, and finance department who all must handle pieces of meeting management.

This eBook gives a complete overview of productivity killers when focusing on cross-organizational meeting communication and provides 11 easy steps to optimize the processes in your organization. 

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Creative Conference Room Names for a More Creative Workforce 

Creative conference room names set the stage for better meetings. That's why we've put together this guide for choosing the perfect conference room names for your company, with inspiration from some of our favorite brands that are sure to make you crack a smile.  

With this eBook and infographic, you'll learn how to design meeting rooms for more effective and creative meetings in 3 simple steps.

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Meeting Management Solution Buyer’s Guide

The right meeting management solution could save your employees hundreds of hours of wasted work, save your company millions of dollars each year and improve overall productivity and employee happiness 

This buyer’s guide will help you make the important decisions needed in the process of investing in a meeting management solution in eight easy-to-follow steps. 

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15 Ways Meeting Room Displays Improve Productivity, Happiness, & Efficiency

15 Ways Meeting Room Displays Improve Productivity, Happiness, & Efficiency

Here’s why you should consider digital Meeting Room Displays for improving productivity, convenience, and happiness and what to look for. 

Digital Meeting Room Display solutions improve utilization of meeting rooms and end the room booking nightmare.

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improve visitor satisfaction at your reception

11 Ways to Optimize Front Desk Resources and Improve Visitor Satisfaction

With an integrated visitor management system, your front desk can optimize resources and provide the best experience for external guests. 

This eBook delivers 11 ways to enhance front desk resources and get a better check-in experience for those visiting your company. 

Download the free ebook here. 

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how much time is wasted in meetings?

Meeting Management: How Much Time Do You Waste?

Statistics show that 40% of workers in large organizations waste up to 30 minutes a day searching for spaces to collaborate.

Learn why a one-hour meeting is never just a one-hour meeting and get three easy steps to optimize time spent on meetings in your organization.

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How to Use Meeting Room Analytics to Design and Optimize Your Future Workplace 

There are all types of meetings taking place in various spaces at your office every day. Wouldn’t it be great if you had insight, whenever and wherever you needed it? Or what about an understanding of the things your employees want to do, but can’t, because they can’t find the proper space to execute?  

That’s where meeting room analytics come in. In this eBook, we discuss the 5 ways meeting analytics will create a more optimized modern workplace.

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Why you need an integrated Meeting Management platform for your organization

Without a meeting management solution, a one-hour meeting is never just a one-hour meeting. Meetings are a constant source of wasted resources and frustrated office workers. In fact, according to recent research, meetings are considered the No. 1 time-waster at the office.

So how does one solve the problem of meeting inefficiencies and squandered resources?

This eBook will show you what integrated meeting management platform brings to your company and how it will help you win back lost productivity in managing meetings.

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AskCody Product Sheets

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improve meeting room utilization

AskCody Insights

With AskCody Insights, you'll see your office and meeting rooms in full context with all available utilization data.

Easily experience how your office space and meeting rooms are actually being used and make the most out of your workspace.

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find meeting room improvement

AskCody RoomFinder

Search for the right meeting room in your Outlook Calendar.

AskCody RoomFinder lets you search for all meeting rooms and hot desks across multiple locations and timezones with ease. Finding an available room has never been easier.

Boost your productivity and room utilization instantly. Give your Outlook Calendar the tool it needs to let you schedule meetings without worrying about finding the room that fits your needs.

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find meeting rooms easier

AskCody Meeting Room Displays

Get more out of your meeting rooms instantly. Free rooms when not being used and provide a detailed overview of the day's activities for everyone right at the meeting room door.

Make a reservation, view room occupancy, confirm your reservation, improve meeting room utilization, change the face of your office space, and create a premium environment with beautiful Meeting Room displays from AskCody.

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Find your way indoors

AskCody WayFinder

AskCody WayFinder is leading the way indoors offering a premium wayfinding experience for staff and visitors at modern workplaces, campuses, and healthcare facilities.

Increase operational efficiency, reduce office friction, enable people to meet more effortless, allow businesses to make the most of their resources, and improve overall company identity.

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about AskCody

AskCody Overview

Get the full overview of AskCody and our solutions explained in two pages. Learn what we do and how we can help your organization optimize workflows and office space utilization. 

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improve meeting room utilization

AskCody ActivityView

AskCody ActivityView provides a clean and easy-to-read view of the day's activities and events, and helps you find your destination or right meeting room.

ActivityView is the solution for meeting rooms and offices spaces so users can see which meetings or activities are taking place currently as well as for the rest of the day and easily guide them there.

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AskCody Meeting+

What if you only needed one add-in to book and manage meetings, catering, additional meeting room equipment, cars, or other resources? All integrated into your Outlook Calendar or Office 365. Yes, it exists.

The Meeting+ add-in from the AskCody Meeting Management Suite gives you just that, providing you with the flexibility you need in a modern workplace to book and order what you need when you need it.

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improve office guest registration

AskCody Welcome+

Welcome+ guest registration enables automatic handling of guest pass printouts and host notifications. Add attendees to your meetings scheduled in Outlook and Office 365 to the guest list in the reception and let the office manager know who’s coming today.

No more pen and paper or back and forth emails. Optimize front desk resources with one simple solution.

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