Sales Associate 

Boston - MA


If you have special skills in researching potential customers, completing outbound activities and creating a pipeline, then we are looking for you!


If you have ever worked in an office then you understand the issues most have with meeting rooms – You booked a room only to walk up and find someone’s sitting in it – You go to book a room and none are available only to walk around to find empty rooms – You need a room for eight people, the only rooms that are free seat four and the board room was booked for a one on one… The problem is easy to understand but difficult to solve. That's where AskCody comes in. We build software that coordinates people, meeting spaces, amenities, services, configuration and things in your workplace so you can get back to doing your best work. It’s the future of the office! Pretty cool? We think so too.

We've all received plenty of sales calls, but have you ever stopped to wonder how you got on that company's radar in the first place? Sure, some of them may have simply pulled your number out of the phone book, but companies like AskCody are contacting you because they've done their research and they believe you're a good fit for their product at this point in time for a specific reason. A little creepy? Sure, but it's effective. 

This front-end work is the responsibility of a Sales Associate (SDRs). Instead of tirelessly calling and emailing unsuspecting prospects, SDRs focus their efforts on a strategic, research-based approach. These folks are critical to the success of any sales team.

Sales at AskCody

  • Your day in the life of AskCody will cover researching accounts and prospects, completing outbound activities, creating a pipeline and most importantly, closing business.
  • Yes… you are reading this correctly! SDR’s at AskCody can close business alongside the trigger-based outbound campaigns that create passes for the AE’s.
  • We are just getting started and have a ton of work to do. This means a lot of growth and opportunity for the right individuals.
  • Help us build our sales engine vs being part of an existing one. We are looking for people to help us grow to the next step, this is a great opportunity for you to get your ideas heard and implemented.
  • Consultative selling is the name of the game. We’re inbound driven but work smart outbound to specific people, at the right time, with the right message.
  • We help real estate and technology leaders in the Professional Services vertical create a frictionless workplace. You’ll be selling to information technology departments, getting other admins and teams like facilities and office managers involved in the process too.


You Are

  • Organized. You structure your day and stay on top of things.
  • Charismatic. People enjoy talking with you, and you enjoy helping them tackle office roadblocks.
  • Helpful. You're hungry to learn and teach. We invest heavily in making each other better.
  • Curious. You're interested in different sales methodologies and picking the best elements to match your own style of selling.
  • Patient. Our customers recognize our patience and empathy.
  • Self-driven. You love measuring your own progress.


If this has sparked your interest, please contact VP of Sales Jamie Wilson
“We’re making a big dent in the smart office of the future. Come be a part of it -- this will be fun!”