Sales Engineer

Boston - MA

If you have special skills in dealing with customers, managing sales, and a knowledge of technical products, we are looking for you!


If you have ever worked in an office then you understand the issues most have with meeting rooms – You booked a room only to walk up and find someone’s sitting in it – You go to book a room and none are available only to walk around to find empty rooms – You need a room for eight people, the only rooms that are free seat four and the board room was booked for a one on one… The problem is easy to understand but difficult to solve. That's where AskCody comes in. We build software that coordinates people, meeting spaces, amenities, services, configuration and things in your workplace so you can get back to doing your best work. It’s the future of the office! Pretty cool? We think so too.

Our Sales Engineers (SEs) play a critical role in the customer journey. SEs help folks get started with AskCody, guiding teams through technical implementation and integrations to help them meet their goals. We're building a team of people who care deeply about keeping a high bar as we welcome more customers every week.

Technologies you’ll come across frequently

  • Microsoft Outlook/Exchange & Office 365
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft Azure
  • PowerShell

Here’s what your week might look like at AskCody

  • As the resident expert, the sales team will rely on you for the most up-to-date technical and product information during deployments.
  • You’ll help answer technical integration, security, and product questions for prospects.
  • Work with sales, product, and engineering teams to field technical questions and keep great documentation.
  • Package and share customer feedback with the product team to help build our roadmap.
  • Help us build out the CX team from scratch. You will be our first hire here in North America!


A few of your best traits and skills

  • Attention to details. You understand that writing clear support documentation makes effective deployment.
  • Curiosity. You’re driven to learn the latest and greatest of an industry. You enjoy problem-solving and know how to ask strategic questions rather than just talking about implementation details.
  • Improvisation. You easily navigate conversations with experienced technical folks, with the right mix of patience and empathy.
  • Coaching. Customers trust your advice on technical questions. You make people look smart, and sales actively seek you on all their calls.
  • Continuous improvement. You’re always considering where you can build out and improve internal processes to create a smoother onboarding experience.


If this has sparked your interest, please contact VP of Sales Jamie Wilson
“We’re making a big dent in the smart office of the future. Come be a part of it -- this will be fun!”