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The AskCody Platform


Meeting Management

Employee- and organizational-focused Meeting Room Management tools that help employees book and manage meetings smarter, and help organizations optimize available meeting space.

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Visitor Management

Visitor-focused check-in and management tools and services for the reception desk to track visitor traffic, keep ahead of today's expected guests, and enable automatic handling of guests upon arrival.

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Indoor Wayfinding

Interactive wayfinding solutions with indoor maps and tools for kiosks and smartphones that help people find their way to the right room or event they are attending. 

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Insights and Analytics

Data-driven Insights and analytics to measure your building's meeting room and workplace performance and improve utilization of rooms, hotdesks, and the overall workspace.

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Powerful alone. Even better when used together.

AskCody offers a full stack of products for Meeting Management, Visitor Management, Indoor Wayfinding, and Workspace Analytics harmonizing the needs of both individual employees and entire organizations.

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Meeting Management

With our Meeting Management solutions for Outlook and Office 365 and Interactive Meeting Room Displays, you can optimize everything from booking a room, ordering catering or other services, managing the facilities management processes, and displaying the most important information on beautiful Meeting Room Displays.   

  • Search for and book rooms based on availability, in-room equipment, or number of meeting attendee.
  • Book catering and services for your meeting inside Outlook's familiar interface.
  • Meeting Room Displays instantly show if the room is free or busy.

Indoor Wayfinding

The AskCody WayFinder is the ultimate wayfinding solution for large and dynamic indoor environments and the world’s first cross-platform indoor wayfinding solution that works seamlessly across smartphones, apps, touch screens, kiosks, and all browsers.

Navigate indoors to points of interests, rooms, patient lounges, staff rooms, and more.

  • Easily select and change your starting point and your destination. Easily change the floor plans when necessary.
  • Two-finger touch lets you rotate the map 360 degrees.
  • ADA compliant and built-in Accessibility Mode for users of every capability.

Visitor Management

Our Visitor Mangement solutions include guest registration on check-in screens, mobile integration (SMS/email), and office admin acesss to keep track of the day's visitors.

  • Optimize time and resources at the front desk.
  • Create a unique and positive check-in experience.
  • Improve security and access to visitor history.
  • Email/SMS confirmation for guests with custimized information and Wi-Fi access.
  • Seamless integration with Outlook and Office 365.

Workspace Insights & Analytics

AskCody Insights arm you with data (instead of guesses) for all the answers about your meeting rooms and workspace performance.

Go deeper into conference room activity with daily reporting for key metrics such as meetings, attendees, and occupancy to get the full story of how your office space performs.

  • Learn how your meeting rooms are performing and utilized.
  • Become data-driven and keep track of the most popular rooms and types of meetings.
  • Find out when meetings are happening and learn what technical resources employees utilize.


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