Our vision

Creating and enabling intelligent and smart solutions that makes a positive difference, functional and emotional for employees and organizations in meetings.

That what really drives us and gets us every single morning.

Learn why

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land among the stars

At AskCody, we have lofty goals. You might say we're shooting for the moon.

Ask yourself this question: Why do people in a professional context meet?

For us, it's obvious.

The purpose of meetings is to share ideas, achieve goals, transfer information, make progress, and generate results. Meetings occur because people and organizations have targets and objectives they aim to reach. These can only be achieved through collaboration. It's about teamwork. It's about empowering each other to do more and better. It's what matters.

That's what's AskCody is all about, and that's what drives us. We empower people and organizations to achieve more when it comes to meetings and collaboration. Eliminate frustrations and productivity killers, and instead enable people to spend time on what's important for them and the business.

Every great company has an enduring vision and mission. So do we. And we're not afraid to say it out loud.

We're changing the way people meet and collaborate. We're improving how companies and organizations manage meetings and manage and share information.


AskCody empower organizations to raise workplace utilization, enabling the connected workplace and give employees the tools to meet more effortless.

It is our vision is to be a worldwide leader in developing solutions that make a positive difference, streamline everyday functions, and improve emotional well being for people and organizations in 1 billion meetings worldwide every month.

To achieve this, we have a clear mission. 

What does the AskCody Meeting Management Suite do?

1. Enhances productivity and the ability to collaborate for the single employee

2. Optimizes resources and utilization for the entire organization. 

Therefore our mission is two-sided:

To empower every employee to work smarter, enhance work life productivity, and collaborate with ease.

To empower every organization to get the most out of people, places, and events; transform processes; optimize the workplace experience, and make decisions based on data.

Our holistic approach to transforming the workday focuses on harmonizing the needs of the single employee and the entire organization. This mission is ambitious and at the core of what our customers deeply care about. This is in our DNA.