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Indoor wayfinding made easy

Find your way to your destination, whether it's people, rooms, or points of interest.

Search for meetings, appointments, or events all from the intuitive interface on smartphones, kiosks, and touch screens. 

Improve the entire visitor experience

Provide a fast and easy-to-use wayfinding experience for your visitors and daily users. 

With WayFinder, you no longer have to worry about lost visitors. Let your employees spend time on what's important instead of helping others with directions. 

Meets tomorrow's demands of utilizing flexible rooms and facilities

With WayFinder you get workplace availability at a Glance with Free/Busy Status in an office map.

By integrating WayFinder with Outlook or G-suite, employees have instant access to all the necessary data to plan meetings on the fly or find their way around the workplace if they’re running late or in a rush.

Indoor wayfinding made easy

Connecting people with places and events across all screens -- this is the ultimate wayfinding solution.

AskCody WayFinder is the ultimate wayfinding solution for large and dynamic indoor environments. This is the world’s first web-based cross-platform indoor wayfinding solution that works seamlessly across smartphones, apps, touch screens, kiosks, and all browsers.

Enabling easy indoor wayfinding, WayFinder is designed to guide people to meeting rooms or meeting points, and Wayfinder’s directional information makes it easy to get from A to B.

The perfect solution for hospitals, conference centers, shopping malls, universities, and corporate headquaters.

WayFinder guides users to your destination, whether it's a specific room, an event (like an appointment or seminar), or even a person.

WayFinder is the perfect solution for large or complex environments such as hospitals, university campuses, and corporate campuses.

The powerful map editor and instant updates across all screens deliver full control of your indoor wayfinding platform and the power to create a premium indoor wayfinding experience. 


AskCody WayFinder is leading the way indoors, delivering the information you need when you need it. 

AskCody offers an easy wayfinding experience for regular users and visitors, enabling businesses to make the most of their resources.

On arrival, WayFinder displays the best route and appropriate staircases/elevator access on both mobile and a kiosks. Handicap accessibility mode is built-in.

Use WayFinder to improve wayfinding at your campus or venue for both visitors and daily users. This creates a more pleasant and efficient atmosphere for everyone while freeing up your resources to focus on more important tasks rather than showing people the way.

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Easy implementation

Web based, instantly updated, and hardware independent, WayFinder is available for all platforms. Use it for smartphones or embed it into your signage CMS like Signagelive. 

You can even integrate AskCody WayFinder on your website, Facebook page, or in your own native app. 


Instantly update your map

Build powerful and beautiful maps. Update and deploy seamlessly and instantly across all screens.

Changes can be made instantly and easily across all platforms for room changes, hallway construction, or any other need. No need to wait for new releases, deployments, or reloads.


Full accessibility support

Appropriate routes for visitors with disabilities are available instantly in accessibility mode. Just touch the yellow accessibility button and the route changes to fit the needs of each user.

Need to change floor plan to follow the next step of your route? Just tap the stair or elevator button.


Frequently Asked Questions for AskCody WayFinder

How can the WayFinder be made available, can I maintain the maps myself, and is accessibility mode supported? Learn more about the frequently asked questions here.


Is WayFinder available on both touch screens and mobile?

The WayFinder is the ultimate wayfinding solution that works seamlessly across smartphones, apps, touch screens, kiosks, and all web browsers. WayFinder can even be embedded inside you Outlook Calendar.

How are maps updated? Can I update maps myself?

Build powerful and beautiful maps with the WayFinder Manager. Drag and drop new destinations and POIs. Update and deploy seamlessly and instantly across all screens.

When you need an update, rooms name change or location change, it's easy to update right from a browser. No need for you to wait for new releases, deployments, or reloads.

Is GPS supported?

GPS is supported for Outdoors use. Instantly know your location offering full GPS feedback. For indoor positioning with Bluetooth beacons or wifi, please give us a call. 

Is accessibility support built-in for people with disabilities?

AskCody WayFinder delivers full accessibility support and displays only appropriate routes for visitors with disabilities in accessibility mode.

Just touch the yellow accessibility button and the route changes.

Is WayFinder ADA compliant?

Yes. AskCody WayFinder is compliant in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. 

The below article explains the accessibility guidelines which the AskCody WayFinder directories digital signage solution is compliant with by the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. 

Learn more here.

Can WayFinder direct people to meetings or events too?
Integrate AskCody WayFinder into Exchange, Outlook, or Google Calendar for dynamic WayFinding to events or people. Now guests and visitors can navigate to the specific events they are attending. If meetings are rescheduled or relocated, the map updates accordingly to the changes automatically.

You should see for yourself how to manage meetings smarter


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