Why you need AskCody for your workplace

Meeting room bookings can be a minefield filled with anarchy - just ask your poor receptionist or office manager! 40% of workers in large organizations waste up to thirty minutes a day searching for space to collaborate, and business professionals spend 4.75 hours of a typical workweek arranging an average 15 meetings per week. Moreover, business owners and managers don't know this since they don't have the right tools to tell them.


People forget to look at the calendar; they see that the room's empty so they think it's free and once inside, it can be difficult for anyone else to work out who's next without interruption. Interruptions kill productivity; it wastes time, and no clear overview of today's meetings especially waste space and meeting room resources.


For many companies, a flexible workplace environment with the right management tools is vital to their future success. Anything that helps people to book and manage hot desks, huddle rooms, meeting pods or conference rooms efficiently and with a constant overview could save thousands per day and enhance productivity immediately. 



It's a fact, which if you can’t measure key metrics before making important decisions, then you’re just guessing. When you don't know, you can't act. AskCody gives you a data-driven platform with the power to change your meeting performance.


With AskCody managers will see the workplace in full context with all available data about utilization of meeting performance. They get the insights and trends displayed in a beautiful dashboard where they can pull the metrics they need to make informed decisions about meeting room space, conference rooms, hot desk or other resources inside the organization.  With AskCody® you can go deeper into conference room activity, with daily reporting for the key performance indicators like meetings and occupancy, no shows and ghost meetings, duration, and attendees.

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