Better Collaboration for the Modern Workplace

The AskCody meeting productivity software increases meeting efficiency, improves resource utilization with detailed analytics, and makes ordering catering & AV services easier. AskCody makes collaborating with coworkers more productive and guests happier.

Achieve more with AskCody for Outlook or Office 365 desktop and mobile.

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Built for and works with

 AskCody integrates with Outlook, Exchange 2010+, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Bookings

Powerful alone. Even better when used together.

AskCody offers a full stack of modules for Meeting Management, Visitor Management, Office Wayfinding, and Workspace Analytics harmonizing the needs of both individual employees and entire organizations to Manage Meetings Smarter.
AskCody is the most comprehensive Meeting Room Management Solution for Microsoft Office 365, Exchange and Outlook.


Meeting Management Solutions

With our Meeting Management solutions for Outlook and Office 365, you can optimize booking rooms, hot desk booking, ordering catering or other services, managing the facilities management processes, and ensure that your organization gets the most of your modern workspace.  

AskCody empowers users to search for, and book rooms based on availability, in-room equipment, or a number of meeting attendees. The power and freedom to book catering and services for meetings inside Outlook's familiar interface.

AskCody meeting management 

AVand MRD-center


Meeting Room Displays

Meeting room display software that works seamlessly with your Outlook, Office 365 and Exchange resources.

A modern look and feel of your workplace, provide an instant birds-eye overview for staff and visitors. You can even report faulty in-room equipment from the tablet display.

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Visitor Management

Complete GDPR compliant visitor management from guest registration on check-in screens, mobile integration (SMS/email), and office admin access for receptionists to keep track of the day's visitors.

With AskCody Visitor Management you can increase front desk productivity while creating a unique and positive check-in experience. At the same time, you improve security with access to visitor history and the guest experience with automated notifications.

Visitor Management


Indoor Wayfinding

Easy, fun, and ADA compliant interactive office wayfinding. Designed to guide people to meeting rooms, hot-desks, parking spaces, or other points of interest. WayFinder makes it easy to get from A to B.

Instant know the availability of meeting rooms with the maps integration to Outlook and Office 365. You can also attach directions and the map to meeting invitations. Built-in Accessibility Mode for users of every capability.

Interactive Indoor Wayfinding
surface insights and analitics 2


Insights and Analytics 

The data you need to answer questions about your meeting room and workspace performance.

Go deeper with daily reporting for key metrics such as meetings, attendees, occupancy and utilization rates to optimize how your modern workspace performs.

Learn which are the most popular rooms and types of meetings. Update or eliminate underutilized meeting rooms and resources.

Meeting Insights and Analytics

AskCody Room Finder - The fastest room booking tool for Outlook.

The average office employee spends more than four hours every week preparing for meetings.

AskCody Room Finder lets you search for all meeting rooms across multiple locations with ease, right inside the already familiar interface of Outlook and Office 365.

How to get started

AskCody is the perfect solution for meeting management in Outlook, Office 365 and Exchange.

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"Innovative solutions like AskCody will help our joint customers dynamically find the right space with the right equipment at the right time much more efficiently than ever before."


You should see for yourself how AskCody can save you a ton on meeting management.

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