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AskCody Meeting Management

Meeting Management

Employee- and organization-focused Meeting Room Management tools that help staff book and manage meetings smarter so organizations can better optimize available meeting space.

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AskCody Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Visitor-focused check-in and management tools and services for the front desk to track visitor traffic, keep ahead of the day's expected guests, and enable automatic handling of guests upon arrival.

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AskCody Indoor Wayfinding

Indoor Wayfinding

Interactive wayfinding solutions with indoor maps and tools for kiosks and smartphones that help users find their way to the right room or event they are attending. 

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AskCody Insights and Analytics

Insights and Analytics

Data-driven insights and analytics to measure your building's meeting room and workplace performance, and improve utilization of meeting rooms, hotdesks, and the overall workspace.

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AskCody creates a happier, more convenient, and more productive modern workplace, changing the way people meet and collaborate

The AskCody product suite simplifies meeting scheduling, streamlines conference room and resource booking, simplifies visitor management, takes care of daily questions at the front desk, and improves both wayfinding and the overall meeting effectiveness – all aspects of the business that have long been recognized as time-consuming, hurdles to productivity, and a waste of resources.

Our data-driven cloud platform has four core feature sets. Together, all four add up to one powerful platform that enhances how meetings are planned, rooms are utilized, resources are booked, and people find their way around the facility. This improves organizational processes, minimizes the cost of meetings, and enhances overall staff, tenant, and visitor satisfaction.

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AskCody supports and integrates with Office 365
AskCody supports and integrates with Outlook
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AskCody supports and integrates with G Suite
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Join us in the fight to win the battle of the meeting room


AskCody eliminates the nightmarish aspect of everyday tasks that zap productivity and waste precious time. We optimize resources and reduce interruptions -- especially when it comes to booking meetings and managing meeting rooms, taking care of guests, and improving utilization of the modern workplace.


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What our clients and partners have to say

To be sure that our meeting room capacities would be sufficient for all, we implemented AskCody. The AskCody system makes sure there is always a clear overview of available rooms, cars, and an easy access to catering for our meetings. Without AskCody, the search for meeting rooms would be difficult and a lot of resources would have been wasted. The municipality of Skanderborg is therefore more than happy for our AskCody installation and 100% satisfied.

Jesper Imhof Rosendahl

Jesper Imhof Rosendahl

Digitalization and Business Development, Skanderborg Municipality

Innovative solutions like AskCody will help our joint customers dynamically find the right space with the right equipment at the right time much more efficiently than ever before.


Rob Howard

Director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft

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