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Improve meeting management

Search for and book rooms based on availability, number of meeting attendees, purpose of the meeting, and in-room resources. 

Search for meeting rooms across multiple locations and time zones. Instantly know the availability of the room before you try booking it.

Customize your meeting

Book catering, facilities, or invite external guests to your meeting and instantly let the canteen, facility management, or reception know exactly what, when, and where you need it.

All inside your familiar Outlook, Office 365, or Google interface. 

Share information and improve productivity with Meeting Room Displays

With AskCody Meeting Room Displays, you can show the day's events and meeting room status both outside the meeting room and in the reception. 

Integrated with Outlook and Google Calendar. 

Get started with meeting room booking and management tools that save you hours of wasted resources every day

Overview of AskCody Meeting Management

The AskCody Meeting Management solution offers a complete and solid platform of modules to help you book and manage meetings more intelligently.

Meeting Management solutions are dividided into two categories:

Meeting Management tools for Outlook and Office 365, and Meeting Room Displays. The Meeting Room Displays integrate with Outlook, Office 365, Exchange, and Google Calendar.

Modern add-ins for Outlook and Office 365

The suite on modern add-ins for Outlook and Office 365 allows employees to work smarter, book and manage meetings, and optimize meeting processes. The add-ins are 100% integrated with Outlook and Office 365, saving you time and helping you plan more effectively. No more back and forth communication jumping in and out of disparate systems.

AskCody enhances your staff's productivity and frees up time to focus on what's important to your business, all from the familiar Outlook interface.



Meeting management for Outlook 

Meeting Room Displays

In every office, there’s a secret meeting room battle going on. The reason? The lack of a no-brainer meeting room display solution that works seamlessly with your Outlook or Google Calendar.

Meeting room booking can be a minefield

Meeting room bookings can be a minefield filled with anarchy -- just ask your office manager. People forget to look at the calendar. They see that the room is empty so they think it’s free. Once inside, it can be difficult for anyone else to work out who booked the room without interruption.

Without a clear overview of today's meetings, you waste space and meeting room resources. For many companies, a flexible workplace environment with the right management tools is key to their future success. Anything that helps people book and manage hot desks, huddle rooms, meeting pods, or conference rooms effectively and with a constant overview could save thousands of dollars per day and enhance productivity instantly. That's why we've created the AskCody Meeting Room Displays. 


Meeting Room Displays

Did you know ...

The average office worker spends four hours a week preparing for meetings. 

Imagine what that costs your organization every week. The AskCody Meeting Management Suite saves your company time and resources. With AskCody you get:

  • Automated processes
  • No more back and forth communication jumping in and out of disparate systems
  • The ability to ditch manual or unintegrated processes
  • No more mistakes, uncertainty, and frustration
  • Elimination of third-party applications, letting employees work in a familar interface directly inside Outlook
  • Information sharing about meetings across the whole organazation with Meeting Room Displays
  • No more scheduling errors by operation in one system that is updated real-time
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Save time and optimize work flows

The intelligent booking solution in a well known system and familiar interface like Outlook or Office 365 creates a simplified, structured, and optimized workflow for all employees involved in planning a meeting. 


Share information with Meeting Room Displays

View information about the meeting outside the room and avoid interrupting. Confirm the meeting before it starts and avoid double booking. Book the room directly on the screen. 


Provide instant overview 

With information screens located in the reception and other important areas in the office, everyone can see all meetings and activities during the day. This frees up front desk resources and fosters a premium environment. 

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